Merry Christmas 2013!

It’s my first Christmas in my own home, and it’s been a lot of fun.

After all of the papers were written, exams taken, and all the youth group parties were had, and all the sermons were preached, and dentist offices braved, and elementary school Holiday performances achieved, then I settled down into my house with my Mom and had a happy little Christmas.


We had an apartment Christmas, with a tiny one-foot Trader Joe’s tree, chocolates stuck all up in it for ornaments. There were books and socks and sweaters and random gadgets for removing hot things from the oven. There were Mediaeval Baebes Christmas carols and glittery lights, lots of white wine, cheese and crackers–and even Andy Williams on LP thanks to The Coolest Roommate Ever.

We opened Christmas presents late at midnight, post late night church service, in which we sang all the carols ever and had candles and champagne for communion wine.

It’s really very nice to have this Christmas here this year. This was a good quarter, and I feel like I’m putting down roots in Chicago and in life in general. This quarter, lots of good decisions were made, lots of Hebrew learned, a couple of good sermons preached, and plenty of fun had. It’s exciting to be able to invite family here, then, and celebrate this place that finally feels like home.

This year really has been a good one. A difficult one, a messy one, and a crazy one–but all around, good, for sure. And I look forward to the next one, because I have just an inkling that it’s going to be even better.

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