Thoughts of a Distracted Reader

  1. I really can’t concentrate. I wonder if it’s a medical problem. When am I seeing my psych next? Maybe I should check my calendar.
  2. I wonder what the nutritional content of split pea soup is.
  3. Ancient ethical philosophers/theologians end chapters really abruptly.
  4. I need to buy a new frying pan and a strainer.
  5. Maimonides seems totally convinced that sick people eat clay, charcoal and dirt. What kind of sick people is he hanging out with?
  6. Ancient people really use scripture as a ‘proof text’ the way we use a mathematical formula or a scientific study. I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where scripture is foundational in that kind of way rather than in a cultural-literary kind of way.
  7. Boy, it’s annoying me that this girl said this thing on facebook. I wonder why that’s annoying me so much. Maybe I should ask my mom why that’s annoying me so much. Moms always provide good feedback on if we’re being teenaged drama queens or if we have a legit point.
  8. Moms are great. I’m homesick. (A 170$ plane ticket home later…., Distracted Reader switches into Distracted Paper Writer, since allotted reading time is now over.)

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