It’s hard to keep writing when you’re finishing things up.

In fact, it’s hard to keep writing when you’re writing a lot for other things. So, unfortunately, I got way behind here. But here’s a brief little recap of my life over the past few months.

1. I got a masters degree.

2. I preached a couple of cool sermons in Bond Chapel for my Preaching the Hebrew Bible course. I got to rave about Qohelet’s “meaninglessness”, try to find meaning in David and Bathsheba’s controversial relationship, and do a bit of exegesis on the Song of Deborah (Judges 5). Just in case you were wondering, Deborah is a fascinating story. More on that later, most likely.

3. My church had a super cool Pentecost party. After the service, they cleared out the chairs and we had a big dance party to the jazz band “Fat Babies.” They raised a lot of money and everyone had a really great time. I wish I had danced more, but I’ve still not got past feeling embarrassed on a fully visible dance floor.

4. Since my last post was about Palm Sunday, just so you know, Easter was pretty great too.

5. For my final projects this quarter, I had a sort of “theme;” all papers that varied on scriptural theologies and how we might engage scripture in a non-fundamentalist way. They were pretty fun.

6. Now I’m out in the world, looking for work and enjoying the freedom of not having any papers to write or reading to do. (Except, of course, the reading that I want to do!)

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