The MSP life!

Things are clipping along here in MSP. I’m having great fun at my new job, and trying to learn the ropes and get things planned as quickly as possible. I have a beautiful office with lots of space, and I am just loving my colleagues (and their babies.)

The river trail is gorgeous. This picture here is from the Franklin Avenue Bridge, looking out at 94. (Which is stop and go traffic, OF COURSE.) It’s a smaller skyline than Chi-town…Not quite as impressive, but it IS a beauty.

I finished up my room space: everything’s up on the walls and things are great. My desks are probably the most important thing in my room. I need good creative space!!

2014-10-11 17.51.11

I still need to paint the top of the desk, since it’s in pretty nasty condition. (See that big brown spot? Ew. That should require some sanding and some basic white glossy paint. Shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ve got the fam, my markers, some living things, and pictures of the Mediterranean to get me through the winter. Those little cube organizers I got on sale at Michaels, they’re actually designed to build craft spaces–and so I thought these were perfect to perch on top of my shelves for tape, nicknacks, etc. 2014-10-11 17.51.37

The other desk is a glomp of other various furniture pieces. (And a large-print edition of “The Study of Anglicanism”. I knew that book would be useful for SOMETHING eventually.) The coffee table is a couple of plastic bins with a cloth wrapped around them, and a mostly useless bulletin board as a table top. 2014-10-11 17.53.22


It also houses my nicknack “shrine”. It would probably be better if I had only the religious things in one spot, but hey. I’ll get that sorted out. I bought this desktop at a garage sale. It’s teak, and it cost more than the new bookshelf I picked up at Walmart that is supporting it. I’m still stupid proud of myself for figuring this out, though. I’ve got a spot for everything. Binders, old notebooks, new notebooks, little shoe-box drawers.

2014-10-11 17.52.12Last, but not least, the bookshelf. I still have plans to spraypaint those bricks so that they are white. And this picture looks really tilted, but this is the entrance of the room. Got a little ode to various people and places in my life. Shadowboxes with gifts from my Korean and Indian students, a Korean mask and a few temple knickknacks, four old photos of Eagle Harbor, a carving I bought in Cape Coast, an American flag in a Somali weaving style that I was a gift from the East African Women’s Center, and a touristy Egyptian papyrus that a good Egyptian friend from I-House gave me. Excellence all around.

I still have to sort through the books a little bit. But I definitely need to spray paint those blocks, and then I can re-sort the books.

What I’m most proud of in the furniture in this room is that ALL of it made it up the stairs in pieces, and all of it can make it down the stairs in pieces again. The stairs in my new house are very narrow. Everything I have can come apart and be transported easily without trouble. I don’t know if this will come in handy, but it’s always a good rule to live by.

2014-10-09 17.59.55

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