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I completed a Master of Divinity at the University of Chicago in 2014. I currently work as  a full-time lay professional at an Episcopal Church in the Twin Cities. (Children, youth, and communications.) I care about the theology of childhood, youth, social justice in the church, making my city better through interfaith cooperation, and finding meaningful, progressive Christian practice in the 21st century. I am hoping to become ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church.

I use my art as a way to express things that I can’t express in words. I use it as a meditative and prayer practice. I use mostly sharpies and pilot precise pens, because I believe that doing art shouldn’t be limited to people who can pay for fancy materials. I began to do this when I was twenty-one years old, having returned from Ghana. I wanted to express, in some way, the colors and twirling ideas that were left imprinted on my mind from my 4 months studying there.

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  1. Thank you, Maggie Nancarrow for your insightful perspective on how Church is not dieing but is failing. To finally find someone who thinks similarly to me in the ranks just restored my faith in the possibilities for a healthy church that works for people and not egos. For years it has felt like a sea was forming between my humble perception of God’s will and perspective vs. the church’s interpretation. God isn’t dying or failing, but the church has been doing a great job of it through public, political fear-mongering, lies, racism, hate, blaming, shaming and just being plain old mean. OMG! Thank God for his servants that strive to continuously rise above “Group Think” and “self-righteousness” to see through one’s faults and see his/her need as God does for us all. We beg for God’s mercy, ourselves, but offer none to others. God operates through faith, love and kindness, Satan’s fuel is fear, hate and deceipt. When will political and “self-anointed” church leaders get this through their thick heads?! God hasn’t failed us but the church has.

    1. Latonya, Thank you for your kind words. I am glad my piece struck a chord with you. I hope it gives you the strength to continue being a force for Good in the church! -Maggie

  2. Hi, I liked your post about the Church!

    However, I am a bit confused with the title ‘progressive Christian’.. to my mind, it sounds like someone who is trying to reconcile their Christian beliefs with the progressing nature of society – and which I find a little troubling, given that our beliefs are founded firmly in God’s unchanging Word to us 🙂 Whilst we of course have been placed in our respective societies, we are called to be ‘salty’ and I am concerned that the title ‘progressive Christian’ implies someone who is losing their ‘saltiness’ in order to become more accepted in modern culture.

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