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Marker Art #38: Prophesy!

#38: Prophesy!

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Now that I’m in school again, I often feel like there’s something wild and uncontrollable that can’t get out. This drawing is an expression of that. It’s also a bit of reflection of my Hebrew Bible course, particularly our section on the Latter Prophets. I like the rage and power in that poetry, and this is how it manifested visually. Artistically, I toyed with the use of the grey Staedtler pens in conjunction with my new fine tip sharpies.

Marker Art #37: “Crowned”

037 - crowned2 - w1000

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I have been working on “Crowned” for quite some time. I’m not sure I really like this scan: the colors appear slightly washed out. This is what happened after I bought a set of “Ultra Thin” sharpies. I also used Straedler grey pens for the effects on the buildings and some new Sharpie highlighters for the ultra-colors on pink and yellow. (It’s hard to tell in the scan.) I’d welcome critiques on this piece since I incorporated a lot of new ideas, namely some patterns I got from a “Historical” pattern book. I am particularly interested in this idea of a crown growing out of someone’s head. This grew from that idea, and it is the second time I have tried to portray it.

Marker Art #35: “Reckless Authenticity”

#35: Reckless Authenticity

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This image uses one of my favorite lines from my current writing project obsession, one that has no title, but uses my favorite things in the world as talking points: the future, cities, trains, and star-crossed lovers. The text in her ‘wings’ reads:
He was pumped full of her. Electrified, his gestures were accusations against the tawdry, his every movement on the brink of a precipice, his every molecule charged with a reckless authenticity. –She was very young, young enough to believe that such a drunkenness led to liberation.

Marker Art #33: “Kept all these things”

#33: "Kept all these things"

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I was really commited in December 2010 to doing a Madonna and Child for Christmas. It progressed really well in December and January, but I really ran into a stale-mate with it for several months, until the image popped out at me in April, and I felt the desire to finish. Oddly enough, it was done right at Easter time, so I celebrated one Christian holiday with an image from another!

If you look closely in this image, you can see Mother and Child, the three shepherds, the three wise men and their three camels, as well as all the people traveling to their home towns to be counted.