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Marker Art #56 – Be As You Are

#56: Be as you Are

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This is another one that was primarily drawn in the classroom. I spent a lot of time on the outline and colored it later, amidst paper writing and sermon prep. I tried a few new things with her: first, the green pen to set off space away from the black lines. I’m not sure how I feel about it… it seemed like an excellent idea but then the pen didn’t really have the same quality of line as the black one did. I also purchased some prismacolor markers in white people skin tone, which I did not have previously. I had a brilliant image planned on one paper, but then totally ruined it when I used crappy skin tones. Now I’ve learned my lesson and will be using the higher quality markers for skin–that is, unless I want it to be green, red, or some other outlandish color.

This is a Christmas post, even though it’s not a Christmas piece! It does have themes of Christmas though… part of the text reads “All that is, is love”. Merry Christmas with art, everyone!

Marker Art #51: Universe

# 51: Universe

“Universe” is another one of the smaller drawings that I’ve done in my note-taking sketchbook. I find that I take a lot less notes in class… but I am ultimately, more attuned and more productive. I’m not really sure how this developed into what it is now, but I have been playing a lot lately with color themes against each other rather than all mixed in together. I rarely do couples, too, so this is a nice change–even to have a masculine face in a drawing is kind of unlike me.