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Marker Art #70: Ponderous

070 - ponderous - h1000This image is another classroom doodle from the end of my coursework. I colored it after graduation, but most of it was inked in the last portion of my graduate degree. Just thinking, mostly. Just moving along. I played with the color scheme a little bit. I don’t usually use the sea green, the purples, and that tan color. The purples are a Shinhan marker that I really like. I’m going to be very sad when it runs out of ink, because I’m not sure if I can get them locally cheaply and easily.

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Marker Art #69: Clocktower

069 - clocktower - h1000Yes, the date on that says April. And yes, this is now August 30th, almost September. And yes, I have been really, really bad at scanning things. But, life happens. This is another classroom doodle that I came to really like. It looks sort of clock-like to me, so I call it Clocktower. Pair of faces looking over a wheel of time…or a wheel of city traffic. Or both.


Marker Art #66: “Destinations”

066 - destinations - h1400 - fixed color

It’s been a long time, I know! But I’ve finally produced some new marker art. For some reason, the colors on this scan are disappointing me. I broke some of my rules and used professional markers (Prismacolors for her skin and Shinhan for greys and some of the pinks and purples.) Sharpie has been disappointing me lately, since they pulled their big displays from Office Depot. I have a hard time getting single colors the way I used to. And they stopped making a few of my favorites! Too bad. But this piece really turned out well, so I am happy to show it off.

Prints of this image are available for purchase on Fine Art America.