Digital Painting #3: Ophelia and the Storyteller, 2004

Ophelia: The Queen and the Storyteller

The character Ophelia was originally from a short story that I wrote in early 2004. Her premise, though, was taken directly from another novel-length project that I have since completed. Their stories are very similar, with perhaps a larger element of the mythical in Ophelia’s story. This character portrait is of Ophelia and her closest friend, known only as “The Storyteller”, the first ghost to appear to her, and the one to make her purpose clear.

In this portrait, I was playing with the use of white, how to accentuate brightness through the use of blue-and-white combinations, and of course my favorite element of digital art: literally painting with light. Of course, my understanding of how light reflects off of 3d surfaces is a rather minimal. I’d like to say that I’d be able to do it better now, but I’m not so sure.

November 19, 2004: Photoshop 7 and Intuous 2, 6×8 tablet



Digital Painting #2: Nightingale, 2004


My earliest paintings are almost exclusively of faces, outfits, and poses. I was most interested in drawing figures that were well dressed and good looking–and a lot dangerous. Nightingale, unlike a lot of my other paintings, is not associated with any short story or novel concept that I was working on. She stands alone as just an intriguing imaginary person.

August 23, 2004: Photoshop 7 with an Intuous 2, 6×8 tablet


Here’s a close-up:

Digital Painting #1: Ophelia Dancing, 2004

Ophelia Dancing

For a long time I really struggled with getting bodies and faces in movement. I still struggle with it today, but in this painting I was actively working to try and fix it. My character “Ophelia” rose out of a short story that I wrote, and for the better part of a year, I was absolutely obsessed with her. She is the most pictured character in this gallery.

Her story is simple, though it is shared with my character Victoria, from a much more developed and successful novel. In both stories, the young ladies become speakers for the dead against a king who has pridefully done them wrong. The ghosts become their only companion, and eventually their only champion, when their lives are threatened.

July 19, 2004: Photoshop 7 with an Intuous 2, 6×8 tablet, with brushes by Vered

A Closeup:

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