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The quarter is off to a fine start.

I’ve been learning how to use Corel Painter.

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 5.41.18 PM

I’ve been calling this one “Sorceress”, for lack of a better word. I want to blend some more “realistic” styles with the whimsical city building that I do with the markers. We’ll see how it goes–I have a very different kind of precision with the tablet. It’s a lot harder to let things just flow. They flow differently–I guess it’s not bad, but it takes some getting used to. And I am reminded of how I struggle to have a good concept of light and particular anatomical shapes–especially the dreaded HAND.

However, I’ve been finding that painting like this is a great way to spend my wake-up-coffee-time in the morning. I used to do this religiously in high school: I would get up hours before school just so that I could paint and put my mind at rest. I love the kind of calm that it brings me. It’s definitely a habit that I want to reinstate for my life.


I’ve also been learning Hebrew. (I messed up the vowel on that flashcard. Unfortunately Anki blocks the vowel character when I get it wrong. Turns out I needed a hatef patah and not a qametz.)

I love learning languages and being able to take Hebrew has so far been really fun. It’s harder than Greek because there are weirder things that happen; weirder vowels, a new script, with cursive and block, etc. However, it’s easier than Greek because it has less cases and doesn’t require nearly the kind of memorization (so far, haha) that Greek did. (And I’ve totally forgotten all my Greek, which is pretty sad.)

Knowing Hebrew though unlocks the Old Testament, I think, in a linguistic way that makes it so much more fun to study. To even begin to know the Hebrew brings the text and the stories alive in totally new ways. It’s a lot of fun.

In other news, I’m taking a brilliant class on the book of Job with Professor Michael Fishbane–in which I get to study the effect that “tragic experience” has on “theological models”. It is a huge relief to be studying this at our Divinity School: finally I feel like the professor is speaking my language, or at least a language that I could converse in. As someone who has studied mysticism, and been particularly intrigued with religion at the edge of the abyss, I finally feel like I can talk about that here. I’ve got all my requirements out of the way, and now I have almost free reign on what I can do during the third year.

You’ll want to keep posted for all the shenanigans regarding my thesis paper. I am going to have a lot of fun researching and writing it, so hopefully I can pass some of that enthusiasm on to others. Until I have confirmation on it’s content, though…I’ll keep it’s topic a secret.

Art and Artists I like!

So, I have a DeviantART account from… god, it must be from high school. I like DeviantART because it’s simple and it’s huge. It’s so full of young and old artists, and it’s a practically ancient artist’s networking site. It was there way before facebook and myspace and CafePress and Imagekind and Fine Art America and Zazzle… all that shabang. I browse it every once and a while and I’m always impressed at the amazing talent that I find.

I wanted to post/feature ten images recently that I really, really like. I asked permission from every one of them, of course.

Prague Roofs by xpbc


Ride to Spooky Hall by IllusiveBlue


Magnificent Mile by Delobbo; I love Chicago photography, and I always get excited when I find a really good one. This is pretty spectacular.


Rapunzel by LadyAdler

The very talented artist, LadyAdler, posted this to the Art Nouveau group that I hover on. She has a series of fairytale princesses drawn up in this style. I totally love it because it reminds me of Mucha.

The Wild Hunt by Yoann-Lossel

I am always really surprised by artists who can do work this full of light, contrast, and intensity with paint and other non-digital materials. It looks like it’s glowing, so it must look like it’s on a monitor… but it’s NOT; this is oil. Spectacular.

A work in progress sculpture, “Sylphe” by Coliandre

I love this piece by Coliandre. It’s note done yet, but it’s still really spectacular and interesting. More of his sculptures are here on his site.

Baby Angel by annakoutsidou

What can I say? This is just really the most adorable thing EVER, and it is what I will leave you with.

“Where Children Sleep” by James Mollison

A friend posted this New York Times “Lens” article on a project by photographer James Mollison. He went across the world and photographed children and their bedrooms. The difference in the lives they lead is amazing. The photographs are well composed and striking without saying a single word.

Here’s what the article’s author, Kari MacDonald, said about the piece:



As much as the project is about the quirkiness of childhood, it is, more strikingly, a commentary on class and on poverty. But the diversity also provides a sense of togetherness.
Everybody sleeps. And eventually, everybody grows up.


The NYT article.

The photographer’s website.



And, one more time, when it rains, it pours.

I did the ultimate of stupid things yesterday, which has really impacted me and I feel… well actually I feel mostly okay, but I’m waiting for it to settle in. I might still be a little bit in shock.

I destroyed my sketchbook.

Not on purpose. Of course. I carried it to work because I wanted to draw on my break. But after work, I put my drinking bottle into my bag. The bottle is American, air tight–or at least it used to be. I should have known before that it was leaking… but I just put it in anyway and… then went home. I didn’t even notice that the bottle was empty until I went to get my phone out of my bag some 15 minutes after getting home.

And lo and behold, the tea was everywhere… in my bag, on my sketchbook, on my journal… everything. So I got out the hairdryer and started to do some damage control. I cut all the marker art out of the book and laid them flat on the heated floor, which dried them very quickly. Luckily, the paper I used was superb, and the ink didn’t run. I was really lucky for that… except there was one ink that I used, on a different piece.. a notecard that I had taped in, that bled into a number of the earlier drawings. Dark Sun and the City is pretty ruined. Luckily, though, that was the only one significantly ruined that I liked.  The other ones were not favorites, and the ones that were ruined were all ones that I had good, quality scans of.

Anyway.. now I’m thinking about how I can press them so that the ruffles go away. I’m really disappointed in myself for being so clumsy… and well, it means that I’m going to start trying to take better care of my things. (But as I say this my apartment is still a trainwreck of dirty.)

And it’s still dirty beecaaause… instead of cleaning, today I had a fun and interesting engagement.

Someone contacted my recruiter friend about finding someone to draw something on a window. Since they had just figured out that I drew (and seen my undestroyed sketchbook) they asked me if I wanted to do it. I was hesitant at first, but agreeing to do it was a hugely great idea. I spent all day today drawing trotros and curvey buildings all over an interior designers office. And they liked my trotros!

I’m going back tomorrow to finish, and they said that someone else also might want me to do it for a coffee shop. I had a lot of fun–and I was definitely also attracting a crowd. “Oh someone’s drawing on that window… cool–oh, oh my god, it’s a foreigner!” It made me feel good. “Yes, foreigners have talent–and are capable of doing more things than drinking and hating on Korea.” Proud to represent my foreigner status! Woot!

I liked the building where the place was located too. At first I thought it was just an apartment, but it was a little bit like an indoor market/walkway. It didn’t feel ‘sterilized’ like Noeun or so much of Korea’s commercial areas. This definitely felt like a place where people lived and worked, and it had the haphazard feel of something a little less simple. They were happy to have me there and I was happy to share my talent.

Anyway… one terrible thing and one good one. Now I’m going to go clean and try to remove the chronic clumsiness from my character. ^^;