New Artwork! “Barren Tree” and “The Mask”

So! I’ve been up to a lot of things, but predominantly, right now–it’s working, watching tv, and drawing. Here are the two most recent images that I’ve posted. As always, you can see these images on my website at

 This image is called “Barren Tree”. It’s mostly a filler image–I wanted to draw more trains, a tree, and it came together through shape. I added some buildings that are more American, especially a few skyscrapers in Midwestern cities.

This image is called “The Mask.” I wanted to do some playing with my white space, which I usually use as a border and frame for the inner drawing. This time, I wanted to use white as I used my colors, not as a frame, but as a part of the piece.

You can check it out at its page on Kagaipalace:

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