Marker Art #74: Mary of Magdala

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Mary Magdalene has been in my mind lately–especially Luke’s offhand comment that seven demons had gone out of her. I decided to do some iconography around that. I haven’t done much with grotesque faces, or demons, so that was a stretch, but this was a fun piece to work on and complete. I experimented artistically with some colored pencils, and Sharpie’s neon colors. (However, little known fact…they didn’t actually scan appropriately. So the original looks somewhat different). What made the experimentation so much fun was the personal motivation behind it, and the theology of it. It has been hopeful to work on someone whose demons are being cast out, to try and tell that story through my own hand.

I also tried my hand at recording video of my process! Lately I’ve been watching a lot of people who do bullet journalling, drawing, and other artists who narrate their work while they show people how they do it. I didn’t get to the narration part, but I enjoyed this process and hopefully I’ll get a chance to do it again. 🙂

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