Photography Portfolio

Over several years as a world traveler and backyard explorer, I have wandered around with a camera and captured things that my drawings could never hope to fully convey.

The result is thousands upon thousands of photographs from all over the world, of all manner of scenes, captured by my Canon G10. The portfolio below is a series of my proudest captures.


Below are additional collections from my travels and other meanderings.



“Suburban”: A collection from Hopkins, MN
A collection of photos taken while I was living in Hopkins, during the first half of 2011. These are taken in the summer: back lots of malls that didn’t take off, abandoned gas stations, emptiness and industrial loneliness.



Lake Superior: Michigan and Minnesota over nearly five years of summer visits
ake Superior is my one true love. I may get married to a man some day, but he had better love the lake. These are the images from years and years of vacationing and wandering the shores of Lake Superior.




India: Mumbai, Agra, and the Caves at Ellora and Ajenta, October and November 2010
I spent about a month and a half living in Mumbai in 2010. I worked for a local nonprofit school, but when I wasn’t chasing down kiddies, I was taking day trips.





Korea: A Year in the Land of the Morning Calm, September 2009-September 2010
After graduation from Hamline, I went to go teach in South Korea. Korea is one of the best countries for work and travel. It is small and yet diverse, full of fascinating places to see, with just enough time to see them all.



home_snellingtrainbridge2Minneapolis, Saint Paul: Trains, Protests, and Oddities
Minneapolis-Saint Paul is my city of origin, and obviously one of my favorite places in the world. I learned most of my early photography skills here, snapping whatever I could.






The Shenandoah Valley

My father moved to the Shenandoah in 2008 and since then I’ve had plenty of changes to visit and take pictures. I love the mountains, both the Blue Ridge and the Allegany.


home_2008_fingercymbolsObjects and Trinkets
Photos of things that don’t fit in a particular ‘location’ category.


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