Over the years, I’ve really learned to enjoy doing commissions. Please use the form below to contact me directly concerning any commission ideas. Most commonly, I am contacted about drawing posters or pamphlets for campus organizations. I can also, however, draw particular greeting cards, pieces as gifts, and tattoos.

Alternatively, I am always happy to do “open-ended” commissions: pieces that reflect whatever is happening around me, like most of my art, that are labeled to be sold to you. You may also purchase original works from me. Most of my originals are available.

My most recent commissions include pieces for University of Chicago organizations, Saint Paul and the Redeemer, and two pieces which were auctioned for One! International, the non-profit where I volunteered in Mumbai.

muchado_FINAL_8-5x11_thumb WednesdayWorship_webpost_thumb 061 - whyareyoulooking - 100x100thumb Twelve Angry Juror's PosterPoster for Divinity School Coffee Shop

The money that I earn from my artwork is used to support me while I attend graduate school. Having small earnings from these projects helps me to keep my student loan costs down, supplement the income of my part-time work in different service agencies, and keep enough time for my studies.

Commission Request: Contact me about your idea!

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